Girls with Flowers Study // Amy Osaba

April 14, 2017
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A couple of years ago my good friend and studio mate, Lulie Wallace, introduced me to Amy Osaba's website. For those of you who don't know Amy, she is an incredible, and I mean incredible, florist. When I was beginning my career as a full-time artist, I knew that I wanted to paint florals. Amy's florals and loose bouquets were some of the inspiration for my annual 'Girls with Flowers' series. A few years later I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding and Amy was contracted to do the florals. The wedding was on a farm and had miles of green, rolling hills, and Amy curated a fantasy land of florals for the reception celebration. Awe was an understatement, I felt like I was in a fairytale. I admire Amy and her ability to transform a space and make the imagined a reality, which I try to carry with me when navigating a new body of work. 

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One World Health Auction

March 27, 2017
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I am happy to share that I will be donating another painting to One World Health (previously named the Palmetto Medical Initiative), an organization striving to improve the health and quality of life throughout the world's under developed countries. 100% of the sale of "Intertwined" will go to One world Health. Visit there website and see how you can donate and participate in the Auction on March 27th! 

only love. 

Raven Roxanne

Girls with Flowers study // Marsha Robinson

March 23, 2017
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I was first introduced to Marsha’s work when we were both featured in FOUR Magazine in the Fall of 2014. As a visual person, it is not unique that I am artistically inspired by beautiful things, but I have always viewed my home and wardrobe as another way of expressing my artistic practice. Marsha is a self taught artist located in Denver, Colorado, creating and designing botanical pattern in the form of giclee prints, fabric patches, and silk wall tapestries. Marsha and I are at similar points in our careers, which means we've had to persevere through the insecurity of people liking or disliking our practice in order to build our businesses. Part of this perseverance has been to find a community of fellow artists to lean on in times of weakness and self-doubt. Marsha’s community includes makers and artists that require the same support, and together they lift each other up and encourage each other to create and get out of their comfort zone.

Marsha also finds resolution by looking through old botanical books and wandering the historic district in her neighborhood, this puts things back into perspective and allows her to keep on creating. Wandering around a thrift store or antique mall, looking through old postcards and dirty mirrors is one way that Marsha gets out of her head and lets her creativity take over. This sort of outlet is important to me in my own artistic practice because the variety keeps me sharp and abstract. Walking through my favorite neighborhoods, or stores, or even grabbing a coffee at my favorite coffee shop, inspires me to see shapes, colors, and the figure, in a way that I could not imagine on my own. Marsha is a reminder to me that living passionately and rooting in my community are invaluable pieces to this puzzle of a career. 

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Flowers by: Sacred Thistle

Student Career Day in the Studio

March 09, 2017
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I tried something new today! A sweet 5th Grader from the School of Math and Science asked if she could come shadow me for her career day assignment. I've never done something like this before so I was a bit nervous about making a good impression. Turns out she was nervous too, so we just dove right in to practicing figure drawing. After we'd broken the ice I learned that she was currently working on a portfolio to audition for the School of the Arts. She obviously had her own artistic style, and she had a clear idea of what mediums she wanted to use. Although the object of the assignment was for the student to learn about my small business, it was an equally as effective for me to reflect and remind myself of I value and prioritize as a full-time artist. Check us out!

Upcoming Release >> 'Ladies in Conversation'

March 06, 2017
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I have been busy working on my new and upcoming series 'Ladies in Conversation'. This series emulate the beauty and intimacy that I find between women in conversation. Lizzy Rollins, local photographer here in Charleston, came to hang out in the studio and capture the progress of this challenging and vibrant body of work. As two women enjoying conversation, It was a 'full-circle' moment of what I was hoping to achieve with the series - light conversation with an inspiring person creating beautiful things. 

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Girls with Flowers study // Kathryn Budig

February 27, 2017
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Photo by: @_cebulka_

    I am greatly inspired by the practice of yoga. Its grounding, emotional, explorative and playful, and it has empowered me in times of weakness and in strength. One of the incredible benefits of practicing yoga is the opportunity to witness and participate in its community of likeminded individuals. Like most things, Yoga has its ‘superstars’, the people that love yoga and the lifestyle so deeply that they travel around the world to spread the practice, teaching self-care, and inspiring individuals to see their glass half-full. For me, one of my role-models is Kathryn Budig, renowned author, yoga teacher, and a representative for Under Armours “ I Will What I Want” campaign. I personally was drawn to her by her social media presence, sharing personal testimonies about her struggle with self-love and body image, words of encouragement for the empowered and the lost, and countless recipes that simplify healthy eating. As a creative woman, I find myself greatly driven by my emotions, and this can be rational and irrational at times.  I struggle with self-confidence - putting myself out there to promote my work and represent myself to the best of my ability. Being my “best self” can turn into a mind game that trails off into a infinite amount of self-doubt. Kathyrn has dedicated her life to redirecting these very normal, but debilitating feelings through self-care, yoga practice, and a good sense of humor. 

Last summer, Kathryn, a Charleston resident at the time, advertised for a cooking workshop at The Daily (her favorite coffee shop). It was an intimate class where she educated us on the benefits of healthy cooking and the dishes we would be preparing. By the end of the evening I worked up the courage to have a ‘fan girl’ moment and was excited to learn that, likewise, that she was a fan of my work. Our worlds began to collide over the purchase of some artwork and a long visit in my studio. She was every bit as magical of a person as she projected on her blog and social media outlets, and it left me feeling pretty special. When I find myself doubting my ability to produce work, I remind myself of these
relationships I’ve made during my career. These relationships remind me to empower myself and be my own best compliment, rather than harshest critic. Kathyrn has put into words and created a practice for women (and men) that reminds you of your worth, community and invaluable purpose in this life, even when it feels like a challenge, and that is a true gift.   

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Girls with Flowers study // Suleika Jaouad

January 25, 2017
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Last fall a close friend introduced me to Suleika Jaouad, a well spoken, beautiful woman on a 100 day road trip around the United States. She was finally in remission from a battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia that began when she was a 22 year old student, just a few months after graduating from Princeton University. Over the course of her treatment, Suleika turned to writing as an outlet to describe the experience of what it means to be young and living with a life-threatening illness. Her writings soon developed into a column in the New York Times titled Life Interrupted. Through her column Suleika developed a community of followers including fellow survivors, people dealing with a vast array of different life interruptions, and admirers. Now a healthy 27 year-old, she was on the road to visit some of the people who had responded to her column. She hoped to learn more about how they were moving forward from their own life interruptions as she attempted to do the same.

Suleika and I spent the day together, she came to my studio and photographed me in the space. We walked around the city and spoke about everything and nothing at the same time - it was comfortable and genuine, sweet time together. We talked about her battle with cancer and she described how thankful she was for the people she was traveling to visit. She was honest with me and I felt comfortable being honest back. It was hard to picture her suffering so badly when she was such a warm and positive person. We talked about our enormous love for our dogs, and how her sweet boy, Oscar,had  saved her from the anxieties of life post-cancer. Most remarkably though was Suleika’s deep appreciation for the women in her life. Through her battle with leukemia that Suleika developed a deeper appreciation for her dark hair, ethnic skin, and her eccentric, artistic mother. When friends dropped away during her illness, she surrounded herself with the love and support of a new community of young women with cancer who were true to who they were and had no qualms about delving into the vulnerable and the unknown. It was these women that inspired her to invest in herself and to be proud of who she was -- with or without hair, with or without her health. Relationships like these are what inspire me to produce the work that I do, and it is testimonies such as Suleika’s that remind me of the pride I hold in the bond of womanhood.

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South Carolina Community Loan Fund // creating community art fundraiser

November 30, 2016
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The South Carolina Community Loan Fund (SCCLF) is a  nonprofit organization that transforms and revitalizes communities throughout South Carolina by financing projects that provide housing, access to food and essential services, attract businesses, employ community members and stimulate economic activity.

By providing loans and technical assistance to organizations that seek to strengthen the social and economic fabric of local communities, we empower communities to effect their own transformation. Read more here >>

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of participating in the SCCLF Creating Community Art Fundraiser, an effort to revitalize communities by bridging the arts with community development. Artists across the Low Country were asked to produce 4x6 postcard sized works to be sold for the fundraiser.  Check out the small nests and the  link to the SCCLF website to view the works that are still available! 

Click below for available works! >>


NEST on paper in Lucite

November 13, 2016
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This Wednesday I am releasing 10 NEST on paper in Lucite.  I have been wanting to frame works in lucite for a long time and finally found the perfect person to make it happen. I worked with a local maker that specializes in acrylic frames and he custom built each frame.  These 24x24 frames float 1 inch off the wall and have brass screws.  They are stunning!  Here is a preview ... 

Limited Edition Scarves >> 'The Becca'

October 28, 2016
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 This year's limited edition scarves are underway and I'm really pumped to share their progress with y'all. These scarves represent myself as an artist and how I am inspired by the woman in my life through color, shape, line, and texture. Check out these babes and stay tuned for their release later this fall! 

'The Becca'

Becca Barnet is proprietor and creative director of Sisal & Tow: Fine Fabrication, located in Charleston, SC. Inspired by her fascination with Natural History and Preservation, Becca has made a career of making the imagined a reality for herself and her viewers. I come from a textile background, so Becca's ability to make artwork also functional really appeals to me. There is very little Becca can’t do, and as friend I appreciate that - the world is full of naysayers. I hope that wearing ‘The Becca’  will remind you of how capable and empowered you are as a woman. 


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photos by: @landon_neil

Artwork: (left) 'The Makaila' (right) 'The Becca'