'Fruit Still Life' // Paintings + Works on Paper

August 15, 2023


Inspiration for my 'Fruit Still Life' series came from my time spent in Cape Elizabeth, Maine this summer. 



This was a new series for me and I enjoyed being able to create pieces that stemmed from my daily life. This summer I focused on health especially through food, which was easy since I always had fresh fruit around. 



Fruit Still Life No.4 is still available, for all those cherry lovers out there! 



"Taste of Summer' went quick but Fruit Still Life No.3 is very similar and available!



There are still some 'Fruit Still Life' Works on Paper available.  Thank you for all the support! This series will always be special to me and remind me of perfect summer memories. 


'Day Lilies' // Paintings + Works on Paper

June 05, 2023


               I found inspiration for my Day Lilies series in my personal garden this year. I was drawn to the yellow lily especially.  



"Painting my Garden" which is a 40x60 was one of the last pieces I created for this series, I love her details and mixture of color. Makes me feel that I am at home in my garden. 



Day Lily No.2 is still available! I enjoy creating on paper, with this series I painted on some pieces that had a pink tint to them, which I felt went nicely with the color tones of this series.  



 I also enjoy being to take some of my pieces out of the studio and play around with them on different walls! 



Thank you again for all the support! There are still some 'Day Lillies' available here!

' Spring Tulips' // Painting + Works on Paper

April 11, 2023


I was very influenced by the change of the season here in Charleston this year. Spring was in the air the day canvases arrived to start this series.



I love painting on gsm paper, each one turns out different than the last and I feel that the paper adds character to the piece. This purple beauty is available here.



The color selection was very ideal for this series! Pink was one of the main colors used. I love the way that pink brightens one of my larger pieces "Fading into you"


Click here to see the "Spring Tulips' that are still blooming. 


Charleston Grill // Large Scale Commissions

February 07, 2023


I know that 2023 has just begun but these large pieces will be one of my favorite parts of this year. It was such a special experience.

This piece was in my top 2, the landscape of dark browns, taupes, orches, moody stood out to me. I envisioned this piece having so many stories and loved how the colors all came together. 

I was reminded on how inspirational creating these large scale pieces can be. 

This landscape piece has several shades of earthy deep blues. 

You can find these pieces in the newly renovated Charleston Grill. 

'Love Birds'// Works On Paper

February 07, 2023


My 'Love Birds' Series made it just in time for Valentines Day! 



Their toes intertwined and they are almost kissing is my favorite part of these 'Love Birds'. 



Someone told me that a therapist here in Charleston has some 'Love Birds' in her office and uses them as an example on how they should look at their partners. 


2022- Year In Review

December 30, 2022


As 2022 is coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on all that happened this past year! 2022 felt like a big year for me and my work, many accomplishments and happy days.  Below are a few highlights that made my year!



In January, after my maternity leave I fell back in to the swing of things with my small collection of Love Birds. I still have prints available from this series on my website.


 In April, I finished my 'Lilies In Bloom' series. Lilies are my favorite because I can always create something new but familiar with them. 



In May, Jane Pop Jewelry and I collaborated on a jewelry collection. This organic collection represents the beauty of evolution. I throughly enjoyed creating this collection with my dear friend. View the collection here.



Then later that month we had a magical dinner at Jane's house on Sullivans Island to celebrate the collection. I think and look back on this special dinner often.



I closed out the exciting month of May with a small collection of works inspired by my collaboration with Jane Pope. This series will always remind me of the beautiful and bright month I had. I have one more available piece left from this collection, "Rhythms Grow".



In June, I spent the summer in Maine with my family. 



In July, the hot summer days were spent inside my studio working on my little paintings of tulips on linen. Some of my "Tulips On Linen" are available here.



 In July, I also spent some time in New York with my husband and found inspiration for my Magnolia Series. Some prints from this series are available here.



In September, I released my "Magnolia" Series. Having my studio walls full with these flowers brings me perspective and fascination. Hoping to do another "Magnolia" release in the New Year.



In November, I traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for Thanksgiving. It was very special trip in a very special place. 



In December, to close out this wonderful year I released my beloved "Nest" series. I was excited for this series and it exceeded all expectations. Fashion is another one of my passions and inspiration from this series came from Jill Sanders spring/ summer 2023 runway show. The colors she used were heavenly. 



On the same day as my "Nest" release my Domino Magazine article was published. I had a wonderful experience working with the domino team, and appreciate all the work that went into this feature. Interior Design is a passion of mine and this was a dream project for me. 



Having Domino Magazine feature my studio was also such a unique experience. Being able to combine the interiors of my home and studio  (which is also a second home) was dreamlike. Here is the link to the studio feature. A huge thank you to the domino team! 


I am so grateful for all the support and THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER WONDERFUL YEAR!

Mixed Media Hand Painted Screen

December 12, 2022

This one of kind screen is painted with mixed media on three
 custom raw canvas panels and framed in oak wood with hinges. The back remains simplistic but finished with plain raw canvas unpainted with the same wood framing.

Domino x Raven Roxanne: "The Dreamy Pool Is Just a Bonus at This 1875 Home on the Best Block in Charleston"

November 13, 2022

 "Built in 1875 with sweeping rooms and 13-foot-high ceilings (14 on the second floor), the property could easily accommodate a soon-to-be growing family (their son, English, now 1, arrived a few years later)."

From my "Tulip" Series adding a shade of yellow the room. Still have a few "Tulips" available here.

This is the Nest that hangs in our family room. This series has fascinated me for the last 10 years. I wanted this new collection of Nest to have space and messiness in them. 

Hand Painted Screen is available on my website, Preview and Shop here

Magnolias// Paintings + Works On Paper

August 16, 2022

I worked on the series during the summer of 2022. 

Color inspiration from the streets of New York into my studio.

Working through each piece trying to capture the fullness of the bloom married with the boldness of the leaves. 

Click Here To Shop + View "Magnolias" Prints