my 'girls with flowers' at FLOWERSHOP

August 14, 2015 Show

These images are from my show at FLOWERSHOP.  Lily (shop owner and badass florist and the pretty lady I am hugging above) and I collaborated on this body of work.  I painted and she seduced me with beautiful flower arrangements.  This work makes me extremely proud!  I am grateful for this show and this round of 'girls with flowers' feels like my best work yet!

That cute chunk of love I am holding is Chewy!  He 'takes the cake' for the best part of my night!!!!
Lily makes the most beautiful flower crowns from dried flowers.  They made me feel really special on my special night.

Along with my original works I offered 18x24 limited addition hand signed prints (left image above).

These bundles of fresh dahlias and other surprises are from the FLOWERSHOP!!! Lily and I drove to Asheville the night before the show to cut these beauties from Poppins Posies - a flower farm 30 mins outside the city.  Talk about a dream!

Thank you so much for a wonderful night and a successful show!!  

All images by Minette Hand.