Architectural Digest Commission

February 13, 2024
Creating three commissioned pieces for Basic Projects and my close friends Brad and Felicia Taylor last year was an incredible opportunity and a honor. It's truly exciting when a series of artworks can continue to evolve through commissions, and even more so when they are featured in Architectural Digest.

Photography by Nicole Franzen

Prior to starting the Magnolias, I had the opportunity to do a walk through with the Taylors and have a detailed conversation about their vision for these artworks. We delved into their desired essence and atmosphere, and how they wished the art to create a serene ambiance in the room. 

This commission was inspired by my 'Late Summer Bloom' Magnolia series, the request came a few weeks after the series release, so it was very enjoyable to revisit them and create these flowers on a smaller scale. 

Photography by Nicole Franzen

    A few years ago, I painted a lamp for my son's room and loved the way it accessorized his room. So I was very excited to begin on this third commission piece. The colors perfectly enhance the room's details and immediately draw your attention when you walk in. This room exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere that I absolutely adore.
This will always remain one of my favorite project because it involved friends, community and AD. All of my favorite things! 

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