'Colors Of Sunday' Nest // Paintings + Works On Paper

April 30, 2024

'Colors Of Sunday' was an ode to my daughter Sunday Clementine, who was born last October. It marked my return to art postpartum, helping me strike a balance between motherhood and my creative passion. The two are inseparable in my life.

'Colors Of Sunday' 60x60 

Each Nest series that I paint I always create one Nest painting on a 60x60 canvas, this allows me celebrate the messiness of love. With this series, I want play to be the driving force. Letting the marks layer on top of each other reacting to each new mark. Creating a story of life through my mark-making. Creating a perfect nest out of imperfect marks.


    My son and I are collaborated on 'The Missing Piece' during a after school visit to the studio. Having my children as brought a fresh perspective to my recent series, allowing my art to take on new significance as my children become part of the story behind it.

It's amazing to witness the growth of Sunday from the start of my work on the series until its release day. These moments hold a special place in my heart, and I'm grateful that my art allows me to reflect upon them.

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