Central Park Boathouse Commissions

July 08, 2024

This past year the iconic Central Park Boathouse restaurant went under a renovation and rebrand by Friends and Family Design Firm, who graciously reached out to me and shared their vision for the space. 

I was commissioned to create 10 pieces inspired from my Nest, Tulips, Lilies and Bird series. All which play a role in the beautiful eco-system of Central Park. 

Birds especially are important to the Parks bird watching community, that was one of the first piece are started on, my bird series takes times due to all the layering of colors involved. 

All the different odes to the parks beauty is what made this commission so special, I felt like I was able to capture what was just right outside the restaurant doors but also add my touch. 

As a person who used to summer near the park, I clearly remember the tulip beds all along the walk way, the vibrance they brought to the park and the people constantly stopping to admire them. 

Next time you are in The City please stop by and check out this beautiful landmark that holds some freshly painted art! 
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