2023- Year In Review

January 16, 2024

A little late to my 2023 review, it was a busy year!
Full of new art, projects and a baby! We welcomed our daughter Sunday 'Sunny' McCutchen in October. This year's series were influenced by family, play on colors, and creating pieces that reminded me of my 'roots'.  Below are a few highlights that made my year!

Started off the year with a special commission, 4 large works for the Charleston Place Grill. I will always cherish these pieces and the opportunity to create pieces that this community can enjoy.

Framed some 'Love Birds', I got such wonderful response to these works on paper, I can not wait to start on this series in the new year. While this series sold out fast, there are some 'Love Bird' Screen Prints still in stock. 

In March, Spring sprung in the studio with the release of my 'Spring Tulips', I always love painting my tulip series because it means Spring has arrived. 

This 48 x 60 piece, 'Taking Me Back To You' is still available. 

Then summer was here before you knew it and so was my Lily series, the studio was blooming once again. 

and Baby Girl was on the way!
July was spent with family in Maine. It was nice to escape the heat wave that the south is in the late summer months, we will always try to keep Maine in our Summer plans. 

I was also able to create a new series called 'Fruit Still Life', this was inspired by the
urge to feed and cook my family nourishing foods. 

Then we were back in Charleston and back to school, and early fall always brings magnolias. 

All three of these beauties are still available here

October came and brought us Sunny! 

We finished out the year with a release of 'Late Summer Bloom' Magnolia screen prints, I have to say that these might be my favorite magnolias that we have done so far! 

'Late Summer Bloom' Magnolias No.2

I am so grateful for all the support and THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER WONDERFUL YEAR!
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