West Elm + Raven Roxanne

March 22, 2018

I've been working with West Elm for a few months now on the launch of West Elm Experiences. I was thrilled when they asked me to be among the first makers in the country to offer an experience through West Elm! You can now book an afternoon with me through their website. 

This experience is so special to me because it's truly a way to connect with people who follow my work. It's more than a studio visit or a meeting-- it's sitting together, sketching, and having a conversation in the beautiful city I call home. Charleston is such a magical place and being able to offer an experience outside among the blooming flowers and cobblestone is so exciting. 


 The experience starts with meeting at one of my favorite parks in Charleston, we'll sit and drawn the flowers (or whatever inspires us that day!)

After we draw, we'll take a stroll through the streets! I'll show you my favorite hidden gems in the most historic area of downtown Charleston.
It's been so fun to see all the press around this and I can't wait for the experience to begin in April! It can be booked by yourself or by groups of up to 5 people. Looking forward to meeting and spending time with anyone who wants to join me for an afternoon!
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