Candle Collaboration with Content Co.

December 11, 2017


 I am always trying to think of new things to make - new ways to express myself.  To stretch the way I create and push what I want to say in a new direction.  When thinking about making a candle the first person that came to mind was Beau at Content Co.  I have been a fan of his for a while and stoked with the opportunity to work with him.  His passion and excitement for all things candles is contagious.  He truly knows he stuff - plus he’s a pretty amazing human.  



Our first meeting went something like this.  We gushed about our cute sidekicks (pups) for a solid 20 mins and then got down to business.  I told him stories about growing up in Northern Florida and the smells that reminded me of home.  We talked about my work and what inspires me to paint the things I do.  We decide to use my different series as a guide for creating each scent.  



I paint girls with flowers’ all summer because the series is warm, bright and happy - much the way summer makes me feel.  I keep Bergamot in my purse at all time because the scent makes me happy.  


The ladies in conversation’ series came last spring.  It was inspired from a memory where I was sharing mint tea in a beautiful Charleston garden with a dear friend - I just love mint tea - the taste and the smell. 


I paint the Nest’ series in the fall and winter, when I need to feel warm and safe.  I hope the viewer feels the complex colors of the Nests and experiences this in an emotional way.  I wanted to create a winter candle that was both clean, but not too sweet.





With that information, Beau started the process to give life to my new scents. To no surprise, the next meeting was magical.  When smelling what he had been working on my mind was flooded with memories.   The experience was really surreal and has left me with so much gratitude towards his process.



Now that we had locked down each scent we moved on to thinking about the packaging.  I wanted to touch each candle and make each one uniquely special.  I was currently working on my Lucid Lines” series and thought it would be a cool way to extend what I was learning on to the surface of the candles. 



Contents Co. and I only made 50 of each scent.  Each candle is numbered and painted by hand.  The glass vessel is made with 50% recycled glass.  And the candle are made with essential oils and natural soy wax.  Only the best ingredients for you and your sniffer!!!!  Because I am such a big fan of this candle collection and want everyone to enjoy them - use "happysmells" at check out to enjoy 15% off!!


photos by Elizabeth "Lizzy" Ervin

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