'Day Lilies' // Paintings + Works on Paper

June 05, 2023


               I found inspiration for my Day Lilies series in my personal garden this year. I was drawn to the yellow lily especially.  



"Painting my Garden" which is a 40x60 was one of the last pieces I created for this series, I love her details and mixture of color. Makes me feel that I am at home in my garden. 



Day Lily No.2 is still available! I enjoy creating on paper, with this series I painted on some pieces that had a pink tint to them, which I felt went nicely with the color tones of this series.  



 I also enjoy being to take some of my pieces out of the studio and play around with them on different walls! 



Thank you again for all the support! There are still some 'Day Lillies' available here!

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