Kris Galmarini

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I was immediately drawn to Kris and her brand, Neve and Hawk. Kris has this amazing way of being instantly lovable and relatable through social media. She and her husband started Neve and Hawk (in Charleston!) as an online store selling clothing they’ve designed. They now have a brick and mortar shop in the California town they call home, as well as three kiddos! To read more about Kris click here.

30 x 40

Shipping cost is included in the total price of the painting. 

This is a mixed media painting on a birch wood panel.  The sides are painted to match the painting.  

It is your choice if you want to frame the work.

Each painting is shipped out of my lil studio in Charleston, SC. 

Shipping cost is added at Checkout. International orders may require an additional invoice for the difference of shipping cost. You may expect your painting to ship within 5-10 days of your purchase date.