Girls with Flowers Study // Kris Galmarini

May 24, 2017

I was immediately drawn to Kris and her brand, Neve and Hawk. Kris has this amazing way of being instantly lovable and relatable through social media. She and her husband started Neve and Hawk (in Charleston!) as an online store selling clothing they’ve designed. They now have a brick and mortar shop in the California town they call home, as well as three kiddos!



Neve and Hawk is such a transparent brand. If you follow Neve and Hawk on social media you feel like you get insight into who they are as people, not just the brand. Neve and Hawk has served as inspiration for my business, and now for my latest body of work! Kris makes me excited for my husband and I to have a baby with a hipster haircut and drop-crotch pants.

To view the Girls with Flowers Study Collection click here
To view available Girls with Flowers prints click here
Instagram: @neveandhawk
Facebook: Neve and Hawk
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