"There’s a softness and beauty in simple things. This is the thread that connects them all."

As an abstract and impressionist painter, I’m drawn to themes of nature, femininity, community, and family, and use natural elements such as nests, flowers, and birds to explore the nuances of these ideas. Though my subject matter is often shifting, I find myself returning to the softness of everyday things, and the simple beauty all around us. Rooted in color, texture, and energy, my artistic practice keeps me curious and observant, elevating the ordinary by taking a closer look. 

I was raised on the Florida Gulf Coast by a family of artists, who encouraged creativity from an early age. With years in my mom’s studio and a lasting fascination with color under my belt, I went on to study painting at Auburn University. After stints in other Southern cities, I moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where I met fellow artists who became an extraordinary community of supporters and friends. Today, I live and work in the heart of Charleston’s historic district with my husband, Thomas, our son, English, and our scrappy first child (pup), Willie. 

“I bent down to take a closer look and noticed how the petals were like tissue paper, soft and pink, the light behind them revealing how delicate they were. I was taking it all in, getting lost in the flower, getting lost in thought, getting lost in myself. It was then I noticed the feeling in my chest had eased. It felt like I’d opened up.”