Abundant Candle

$ 42.00

Contents: 100% natural soy wax, violet leaf, pink pepper, rosemary, green tea, clary sage, jasmine, cilantro, and other essential oils

Scent Description: This scent was inspired by Raven's 'ladies in conversation' series. She wants it to transport you to a garden, drinking mint tea on a crisp summer morning with an old friend.

About the Collection: This limited edition candle collection is made in Charleston using only essential oils + botanical extracts, each candle is delicately hand painted by artist Raven Roxanne. Raven worked closely with The Content Co. to create beautiful aromas that pair perfectly with the colors and brush strokes she chose for each vestal. In this collection there are 3 scents with a limited edition of 50 of each available.

Shipping: Each candle is shipped out of Raven Roxanne's studio in Charleston, South Carolina. You can expect your order to ship within 3-7 days of purchasing. 

made in the usa