Portola // a painter's dream paint

July 29, 2018
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If you follow me on social media then you know I have been working on the renovation of our Charleston home for the last year.  It was built in 1875 so (as you can imagine) there are many layers to the renovation process, and we have a lot left to do. I can't wait to share more photos of the home once it feels complete, but I've had so many friends ask about the wall colors I've chosen, so I had to share a few! 

As a painter, I clearly have a thing for paint. When it came time to pick wall colors for my home, I knew I had to find the perfect kind.  My interior designer Melissa Sutton of Plum Collective told me about a brand called Portola and I was instantly hooked. Portola founders Jamie and Casey Davis are brothers and their parents are artist.  This may explain why they share my love for beautiful colors and paints that add depth to any surface.  Portola's paints are also environmental friendly which is amazing!! Thomas and I used their Lime Wash in our living room, kitchen and master bedroom.  Lime Wash paint is used by applying layer after layer which achieves a unique depth that you can't get with regular ole wall paint. The layers remind me of my own painting process. Finding brands you love and feel excited to support make the renovation experience that much better!

(While I'm on the topic of things I love-- above I'm wearing Elizabeth Suzanne)

Portola Lime Wash with my "I See You" print 18 x18