Limited Edition Scarves >> 'The Makaila'

October 28, 2016
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 This year's limited edition scarves are underway and I'm really pumped to share their progress with y'all. This project has become a pillar of my practice as an artist, as it challenges me to work larger, more deliberately, and more personally with the woman it represents. Check out these babes and stay tuned for their release later this fall! 

'The Makaila'

Makaila Borgerson is a textile artist currently working in Atlanta, GA. Her most well-known and current body of work is her indigo series. She utilizes the ancient method of indigo dyeing, while incorporating her own techniques of shibori, in order to assure each piece truly feels unique and one of a kind. Her background in graphic design and costume design informs both the ethereal texture and geometric qualities found in her works. Makaila’s ability to create these one of a kind works are how I hope you will feel wearing “The Makaila” ... Unique and one of a kind.


photos by: @marycarolinem

Artwork: (left) 'The Makaila' (right) 'The Becca'

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