Limited Edition Scarves >> 'The Becca'

October 28, 2016

 This year's limited edition scarves are underway and I'm really pumped to share their progress with y'all. These scarves represent myself as an artist and how I am inspired by the woman in my life through color, shape, line, and texture. Check out these babes and stay tuned for their release later this fall! 

'The Becca'

Becca Barnet is proprietor and creative director of Sisal & Tow: Fine Fabrication, located in Charleston, SC. Inspired by her fascination with Natural History and Preservation, Becca has made a career of making the imagined a reality for herself and her viewers. I come from a textile background, so Becca's ability to make artwork also functional really appeals to me. There is very little Becca can’t do, and as friend I appreciate that - the world is full of naysayers. I hope that wearing ‘The Becca’  will remind you of how capable and empowered you are as a woman. 


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photos by: @landon_neil

Artwork: (left) 'The Makaila' (right) 'The Becca'

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