Girls with Flowers study // Marsha Robinson

March 23, 2017

I was first introduced to Marsha’s work when we were both featured in FOUR Magazine in the Fall of 2014. As a visual person, it is not unique that I am artistically inspired by beautiful things, but I have always viewed my home and wardrobe as another way of expressing my artistic practice. Marsha is a self taught artist located in Denver, Colorado, creating and designing botanical pattern in the form of giclee prints, fabric patches, and silk wall tapestries. Marsha and I are at similar points in our careers, which means we've had to persevere through the insecurity of people liking or disliking our practice in order to build our businesses. Part of this perseverance has been to find a community of fellow artists to lean on in times of weakness and self-doubt. Marsha’s community includes makers and artists that require the same support, and together they lift each other up and encourage each other to create and get out of their comfort zone.

Marsha also finds resolution by looking through old botanical books and wandering the historic district in her neighborhood, this puts things back into perspective and allows her to keep on creating. Wandering around a thrift store or antique mall, looking through old postcards and dirty mirrors is one way that Marsha gets out of her head and lets her creativity take over. This sort of outlet is important to me in my own artistic practice because the variety keeps me sharp and abstract. Walking through my favorite neighborhoods, or stores, or even grabbing a coffee at my favorite coffee shop, inspires me to see shapes, colors, and the figure, in a way that I could not imagine on my own. Marsha is a reminder to me that living passionately and rooting in my community are invaluable pieces to this puzzle of a career. 

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Flowers by: Sacred Thistle
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