Girls with Flowers study // Kathryn Budig

February 27, 2017
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    I am greatly inspired by the practice of yoga. Its grounding, emotional, explorative and playful, and it has empowered me in times of weakness and in strength. One of the incredible benefits of practicing yoga is the opportunity to witness and participate in its community of likeminded individuals. Like most things, Yoga has its ‘superstars’, the people that love yoga and the lifestyle so deeply that they travel around the world to spread the practice, teaching self-care, and inspiring individuals to see their glass half-full. For me, one of my role-models is Kathryn Budig, renowned author, yoga teacher, and a representative for Under Armours “ I Will What I Want” campaign. I personally was drawn to her by her social media presence, sharing personal testimonies about her struggle with self-love and body image, words of encouragement for the empowered and the lost, and countless recipes that simplify healthy eating. As a creative woman, I find myself greatly driven by my emotions, and this can be rational and irrational at times.  I struggle with self-confidence - putting myself out there to promote my work and represent myself to the best of my ability. Being my “best self” can turn into a mind game that trails off into a infinite amount of self-doubt. Kathyrn has dedicated her life to redirecting these very normal, but debilitating feelings through self-care, yoga practice, and a good sense of humor. 

Last summer, Kathryn, a Charleston resident at the time, advertised for a cooking workshop at The Daily (her favorite coffee shop). It was an intimate class where she educated us on the benefits of healthy cooking and the dishes we would be preparing. By the end of the evening I worked up the courage to have a ‘fan girl’ moment and was excited to learn that, likewise, that she was a fan of my work. Our worlds began to collide over the purchase of some artwork and a long visit in my studio. She was every bit as magical of a person as she projected on her blog and social media outlets, and it left me feeling pretty special. When I find myself doubting my ability to produce work, I remind myself of these
relationships I’ve made during my career. These relationships remind me to empower myself and be my own best compliment, rather than harshest critic. Kathyrn has put into words and created a practice for women (and men) that reminds you of your worth, community and invaluable purpose in this life, even when it feels like a challenge, and that is a true gift.   

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