Abstract Series // Dom Franceschi

March 24, 2016
There are only a couple more weeks before the release of my first ever Abstract Series, and I could not be more excited. While my roots are in abstract painting, it had been a while since I had been able to really give myself permission to dive back into practice. Its appropriate that I have chosen to tackle new work here in the spring, because this has been the greatest boost of creativity and inspiration for me as an artist. The challenge of an abstract work is its balance - the visual weight of colors, and shapes that evolve, and the composition of the colored masses on the canvas. I have moved from the conceptual thought that drives my other work, such as Nests and Girls with Flowers, and focused solely on creating an organic relationship between the media I paint with and the medium I paint on.
I also wanted to explore works on paper and raw linen, and this has been a constant reminder of how we are never done growing into ourselves as artists. A stroke of paint on paper, is far different than a stroke on linen, just as it is different on a birch wood panel, and therefore it takes a more deliberate effort to achieve my imagined product. Moral of the story, this whole experience is rocking my world. 
Looking at all of the paperworks hanging in my studio, I could not help but wonder how I could hang them so that everyone who purchased an abstract work on paper could install the work like I do in my studio - This is where Dom Franceschi saved the day.
Dom is a local craftsman of Dom Franceschi Woodworking here in Charleston, South Carolina. An outdoorsman by heart and graduate of the School of the Building Arts in Charleston, Dom was able to take my vision and make it possible. 
More soon...
only love. 
Raven Roxanne
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